Code Of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics At PsychicPatsy's we are committed to high ethical standards and providing the most accurate psychic services possible to our valued clientele.

We may not tell you what you WANT to hear but will tell you what we are genuinely receiving psychically, that we might help you enhance your life in the best manner possible via honest psychic information.

I try to deliver my  readings and other psychic services in a straightforward, down to earth manner, combined with both humor and a common sense approach to your particular life situation.

All sessions are strictly confidential and clients are invited to record their sessions if they like.

If for any reason we would be (unable to connect) for you, you pay nothing. Your fee is refunded in full.

 If i do connect and your not HAPPYwith the reading you have recieved and if i feel it isnt my best work i will refund half of the price no more.!!

We constantly strive to expose fraudulent "psychics" out to scam the unsuspecting client. They not only cause damage to clients with their unethical behavior but give legitimate psychics a bad name.


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